Give Your Hands Some Glam

Beauty is a mindset, and it all starts with you. By giving women the freedom to play with their appearance at any time and to express themselves, we empower them to feel their best.

In addition, we want to be a platform that encourages self-acceptance by providing a comfortable space where we can look and feel our best through positive affirmations and against body shaming. However, beauty and femininity aren't just in the shapes or colors we wear but in how we give them meaning.

We believe confidence is your best accessory.

Confidence @ your Fingertips

Nail Reformation was founded by women and backed by an all-female team with a single mission: empowering women and equipping them with CONFIDENCE AT YOUR FINGERTIPS, as we aim to provide an outlet that allows women to express their inner beauty.

We hope to be an extension of that by offering products that promote self-assurance and the power to be who you are.

confidence is your best accessory

Having a beautiful set of nails can boost your self-confidence and make you feel feminine, chic, and refreshed, regardless of your age, profession, or style preference.

By challenging conventional beauty standards, Nail Reformation provides fun, creativity, and expression that allows you to achieve the look you want.

For us, it was essential to ensure everyone would have the option to find the most suitable style, shape, and design, so we made sure to provide as many unique and innovative options as possible.

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